for Village Mayor

Punch 2 on April 4th


For Mayor of Maywood



Dr. Mary “May” Larry, Ph.D.

Office of President, of the Village of Maywood Illinois

My name is Mary “May” Larry, and I am a candidate for Office President of the Village Maywood. I have spent over a decade working to make positive differences in our community of Maywood as a community grass root organizer. My previous community experience: Maywood Liquor Commissioner, I am a community Business Professional, knowledgeable with federal and state government contracts and helped Maywood secure the following: IDNR Youth Grant - $489,600 and the DOJ - COPS Grant - $269,000. Organize Maywood first grant writing similar.

I plan to continue those efforts as President of Maywood Illinois. Now, more than ever, it is critical that our residents have an experienced, tested, and homegrown President working for them and our community of Maywood Illinois.

As President of the Village of Maywood, using my extensive experience as a businesswoman, community organizer, and community leader, I will strengthen leads to the continuance of the creation of jobs, as well as secure protection for our seniors, implement plans for the improvement of the public-school system, and continue making a stand for Maywood resident/neighborhood concerns.

Simply put, I believe in our community and in bringing our residents together for a common cause. This is the Maywood we all believe in. In so doing, problems are resolved while discovering that in saying, “Yes, we will...!" opportunities arise for job growth, neighborhood improvements, and educational promotion. This is how we curtail senseless crimes within our community.

I anticipate the furtherance of improvement in the growth and development of our city, resident by resident, block by block, school by school, business by business, and church by church. This is what the Mary 'May' Larry MAYWOOD ILLINOIS 2017 Mayoral Campaign is about, and your continued support is will make this campaign the moment Maywood turns the corner, the page, and be the village we all know and dream of becoming.

With your support, I will be able to stand up for what is important to our community, jobs, better education, lower property taxes and less crime. As your President, of the Village of Maywood Illinois, I will get it done! Under my leadership as Mayor, the Village of Maywood would, indeed, make a major step forward.

Above mentioned reasons are just few reasons Maywoodian is supporting my campaign for Mayor/President for the Village of Maywood, and why should you do the same. Contact me and I’ll be happy to send you some additional information, as well as facts about the issues that make this election so important.

Thank you. I look forward to working with you and working for you as your President, of the Village of Maywood Illinois in the future.

"Let's create a new Maywood"!

Mary “May” Larry, For Mayor of Maywood – Punch 2 on April 4th, 2017